Our Journey Through Time


Foundation of Plastic Magen

Plastic Magen was founded and initially supplied plastic injection products to the Israeli army, marking the start of its legacy in innovative plastic production.


Invention of Heliocol

A ground-breaking year when Heliocol, our pioneering solar pool heating solution, was invented. This innovation set the stage for a new era in sustainable pool heating.


Heliocol USA Establishment

With the aim of distributing our revolutionary product in the United States, Heliocol USA was founded. This significant expansion facilitated the introduction of solar pool heating to American households and businesses.


Global Expansion

Plastic Magen’s solar pool heating systems had made their mark in 15 countries worldwide, showcasing our global appeal and the universal need for sustainable energy solutions.


Innovation Recognized

Patents were granted for our Polymer Panel Clamp (PPC) and Mounting Pads, highlighting our commitment to technological advancement and product durability.


Rebranding as Magen eco-Energy

Plastic Magen was rebranded to Magen eco-Energy, reflecting our broader commitment to eco-friendly energy solutions.


Acquisition of UMA Solar

By acquiring UMA Solar, the largest distributor of solar pool heating in the US, we significantly strengthened our market presence in North America.


SunValue Collector Launch

The SunValue collector was introduced for warm climates with short seasons, tailoring our technology to meet specific environmental needs.


Global Presence in Over 50 Countries

Magen eco-Energy ‘s solar systems were now available in over 50 countries, a testament to our growing influence and success in the global market.


Establishment of Magen eco-Energy Australia

In response to substantial growth, Magen eco-Energy established a subsidiary in Australia to directly sell and distribute solar systems nationwide, significantly boosting our ability to meet Australia’s rising demand for sustainable energy solutions.


Vision and Values Rethink

A year dedicated to rethinking our company’s vision and values to guide us forward, ensuring our growth aligns with our core principles.


Rebranding UMA SOLAR to Magen eco-Energy US

UMA Solar was rebranded to Magen eco-Energy US, unifying our brand and reinforcing our identity in the American market.


Factory Expansion

2024 – Expanded the factory and introduced new and innovative systems to increase production.

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