Solar Pool Heating: Efficient, Eco-Friendly Pool Solutions

Harnessing the Power of the Sun for an Efficient, Elevated Pool Heating Experience

Combining Modern Technology & Free Energy with Solar Pool Heating

In any climate, our solar pool heating systems significantly extend the swim season, increasing the use of your pool investment. Enjoy swimming in a heated pool, with free energy from the sun, for years to come. Solar pool heating is an optimal way to heat your pool while increasing property value and reducing your carbon footprint while incurring zero operating cost.

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How does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Converting Energy from the Light of the Sun into Useful Heat for the Swimming Pool

Solar pool heating is a passive water heating technology that transfers energy from sunlight into the pool’s water using solar thermal collectors. While the pool water is being circulated through the filter it will be redirected to the solar thermal collectors when heat is available and returned to the pool until the pool reaches the desired temperature. During this process no additional electricity or fuel is consumed.

Solar Pool Heating Solutions

Experience the Most Advanced Pool Heating Solution

The Benefits You Will Enjoy with Solar Pool Heating

Property Value Increases

Property Value Increases

Enhance your property’s value by investing in a solar pool heater, capitalizing on the growing demand for solar solutions.

Zero Operating Cost

Zero Operating Cost

Over time a solar pool heating system pays for itself, giving you a great return on your initial investment for installation and materials.


Environmentally Conscious

Our solar pool heating collectors have no moving parts, use patented connections, and are built to withstand the harshest climatic conditions and water chemistries.

No Maintenance Required

No Maintenance Required

If installed properly, our solar pool heating collectors require no recurring maintenance and can last up to 25 years*. For peace of mind, we offer a range of 7-year to 12-year warranties with the option of an extended warranty of 3 to 5 years**.

*Not a guarantee of system life span. **Limitations apply, available on specific products only.

Extend the Swim Season

Extend the Swim Season

Solar pool heating can significantly increase & maintain your pool's temperature so you can enjoy swimming for a longer period of time.

Simple Concept, Superior Technoloy

Simple Concept, Superior Technology

Our solar pool heating collectors have no moving parts, use patented connections, and are built to withstand the harshest climatic conditions and water chemistries.

Solar Pool Heating. Engineered for Life.

Solar Pool Heating vs. Gas & Electric Options

Opt for a cleaner and more durable choice by using solar pool heating over other alternatives. Solar pool heaters have a longer life span and use zero fuel making them the higher value, more environmentally friendly option when compared to gas and electric heaters. Due to solar pool heating, energy expenses will decrease in comparison to using gas or electric heaters.
Our solar pool heating collectors are durable and built to last with over 80% exceeding their warranty period in operation. Solar pool heating requires little to no maintenance making the initial investment the only cost incurred.
By harnessing renewable energy and offering significant savings in the long run, it is a sustainable and economically sound choice for pool owners looking to extend their swimming season, minimizing their environmental impact, and getting a great return on investment.
Here’s how solar pool heating stacks up against traditional gas and electric heat pump pool heaters in terms of costs:

SPH – While the upfront cost of solar pool heating installation may be higher, it is a long-term investment that can lead to significant savings over time when compared to traditional heating methods. The initial investment varies based on the size of the pool and the complexity of the installation.

Gas Heaters – Gas heaters have a lower initial cost compared to solar systems, but their ongoing operational expenses can accumulate quickly due to the cost of gas.

Electric Heat Pump Pool Heaters– Electric heat pump pool heaters generally fall between gas heaters and solar systems in terms of initial investment. However, like gas heaters, they can be expensive to operate over the long run.

SPH – Once installed, solar pool heating systems have zero operational costs since they rely on the free energy from the sun. Ongoing maintenance is low to nonexistent.

Gas Heaters – Gas heaters tend to have higher operational costs due to the ongoing expense of gas. Additionally, they might require more maintenance and repairs over time.

Electric Heat Pump Pool Heaters – Electric heat pump pool heaters also incur ongoing operational costs due to electricity consumption and the large number of moving parts and components that can fail. Electric heat pump pool heaters, which operate similarly to air conditioners, are expensive and can be difficult to maintain over time.

SPH – Despite the initial investment, solar pool heating offers substantial long-term savings as the energy source is free. Over the system’s lifespan, the savings can surpass the initial investment when compared to traditional heating methods, making it a financially wise choice.

Gas Heaters – While gas heaters have a lower upfront cost, their operational costs can accumulate, making them less cost-effective overall.

Electric Heat Pump Pool Heaters – Electric heat pump pool heaters generally fall in the middle in terms of long-term savings, depending on local electricity rates and the heater’s efficiency.

* Based on a 1,000 SF, uncovered outdoor pool in Dallas, TX heated to 80° between April 1 and October 31. Figures provided by the U.S. Department of Energy website:

Maximize Savings with a Hybrid Functionality

The eco-energy bundle of Solar Electric and a Solar Pool Heater

Investing in solar energy represents a significant commitment, which is why we introduced Eco-Energy Solutions! By purchasing from Magen eco-Energy US, you can consolidate your solar pool heating and home’s solar electric system, unlocking unparalleled energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

When you bundle your solar PV system with a solar pool heater, you not only harness clean energy to power your home but also leverage the sun’s abundant resources to efficiently heat your pool, drastically reducing operational costs. This integrated approach not only minimizes your environmental footprint but also maximizes your overall savings, ensuring a sustainable and economical energy solution for your property. Take advantage of our solar savings comparison tool to discover the substantial benefits of this comprehensive energy strategy today!

FAQS about having a Solar Pool Heater

Investing in a solar pool heater

Solar pool heating systems maximize sun-powered water warming by utilizing three essential components: a solar panel, pump, and filter. The pump, typically the existing pool pump, drives water through a filter to remove leaves and debris. Subsequently, the water is directed into a solar panel positioned on rooftops, porches, fences, or any sun-exposed area (ideally facing south in North America).

As the water courses through the panel, it undergoes significant heating before returning to the pool, effectively raising the water temperature. Unlike indoor solar water heaters, solar pool heating systems operate without the need for a storage tank, relying solely on the pool for storage capacity.

Each element within our solar pool heating systems is crafted from high-quality surgical-grade plastic. Through an innovative injection over-molding technique, our patented and meticulously engineered components ensure they seamlessly integrate into a reliable and hassle-free solar pool heating setup.

For further insights into the technical intricacies and array of components comprising our solar pool heating systems, explore our product offerings.

The efficiency of solar panel systems can fluctuate based on factors such as pool size and geographical location. Optimal regions in the United States for solar investment include Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada, and Texas.

Magen eco-Energy Us stands ready to facilitate your connection with a dealer, enabling tailored discussions regarding your specific circumstances.

Costs of a solar pool heater

To get a product quote, contact us and we will connect you with an Authorized Dealer.

The expense associated with integrating solar panels into your existing pool heating setup may differ based on factors like pool size, the type of system you currently utilize, and your geographical location. For additional insights into the costs and potential savings associated with a solar pool heating system, feel free to explore our blog.

By ensuring the proper installation of your solar pool heating system, you virtually eliminate maintenance costs. Professionally installed systems not only operate at peak efficiency but also cut down on future repair expenses. Our systems are renowned for their durability, often outlasting the roofs on which the panels are mounted, offering reliability and adaptability to your requirements.

Furthermore, rest assured that your system will meet warranty qualifications. When installed by an authorized dealer, all labor costs are covered under warranty.

For further insights into the costs associated with solar pool heating and to explore more about solar pool heaters, connect with a dealer today.

Solar Pool Heating System Installation

Installing solar panels on a metal roof is possible, make sure you are abiding by the installation manual.

An on-site assessment conducted by an authorized dealer of solar pool heating systems is a pivotal phase in the solar installation journey. Each installation brings forth distinctive challenges and benefits, demanding personalized attention. Our team of adept solar specialists will meticulously evaluate your property to determine the most fitting and economical solution, ensuring optimal satisfaction. Following the site visit, you’ll gain clarity regarding the installation specifics, anticipated costs, and potential savings.

To arrange a site visit and initiate the process, reach out to a dealer today.

Solar Pool Heating Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacements

To purchase spare parts for your panels, contact us and we will connect with you.

Depending on which part is damaged, the cost of repair can vary. We will help you connect with an Authorized Dealer to discuss pricing options.

A properly installed solar heating system boasts virtually no maintenance requirements. Unlike competitors who rely on rubber hoses and metal clamps for panel connections, our systems feature a patented plastic panel clamp.

While rubber hoses necessitate biannual maintenance and metal clamps can lead to roof rust and staining, our plastic clamps are maintenance-free, rust-resistant, and guaranteed leak-proof.

This robust design and dependable performance ensure that maintenance costs are practically nonexistent for solar pool heating systems. As an added measure, simply conduct a routine check of your solar heating system’s operation at the onset of each swimming season, especially if equipped with an automatic controller.

Solar Pool Heating in Action

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