Solar Attic Fan: Advanced, Eco-Friendly Home Cooling Solution

The Efficient and Eco-Friendly Cooling Solution for Your Home

Enhancing Your Home’s Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Unburden your attic from heat accumulation and alleviate strain on your HVAC system with our advanced solar attic fans. Engineered to suit all types of roofs, our solar attic fans require hassle-free installation, sans the need for electrical wiring or structural modifications. Seamlessly integrating into your roofline, these fans come equipped with an adjustable solar panel bracket system. This innovation ensures optimal sun exposure for the solar panel, whether the unit is placed on a flat, standard pitch, or steep roof. Embrace energy efficiency and climate control with our state-of-the-art solar attic fans.

Discover the Smart Choice for Cooling Solutions that Work in Harmony with the Sun

8 Reasons Why You Need a Solar Attic Fan
Solar Attic Fan: Eco-Friendly Cooling by Magen


The life of your roof
shingles and
underlayment extends


Your HVAC loads and A.C.
run times during summer


Prevents ice damming
during winter


Reduces year-round
damage caused by the
buildup of attic moisture


Extra durable with
aluminum components
powder-coated inside
and out


The panel fits flush to
better withstand HVHZ
(High-Velocity Hurricane Zones)


All components have
an outstanding 25-year


Solar tax credit

Explore the Features of Your Solar Attic Fan

Prioritizing Safety, Efficiency, and Adaptability

Fire Safety Switch

Fire Safety Switch

Fire Safety Switch: In areas with specific requirements, our solar attic fan includes a dedicated fire safety switch. This switch is expertly engineered to swiftly halt airflow, enhancing safety.

Flashing Skirt

Flashing Skirt

Flashing Skirt: Specifically mandated for title roof installations, our solar attic fan boasts a precision-designed flashing skirt. This component guarantees a secure, weather-resistant seal for optimal performance.

Thermal Snap Switch

Thermal Snap Switch

Thermal Snap Switch: When the attic temperature reaches 80°F, our thermal snap switch activates the fan, ensuring effective heat management. Once the temperature lowers to 70°F, the fan automatically switches off, conserving energy.

Turret Extension

Turret Extension

Turret Extension: For S-style tile roofs with heightened profiles, our turret extension accessory provides a seamless solution. It accommodates varying roof structures while maintaining the fan’s efficiency.

Residential Unit Estimator

Use the charts below to estimate how many Solar Attic
Fans are needed for your home based on square footage
and roof pitch.

Solar Attic Fans

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