The Above Ground Pool Solar Heater

Enjoy the Wonders of a SunSmile Pool

Optimal Sun
Absorbing Technology for
Above Ground Pools

SunSmile Systems are designed to enhance your above ground pool experience, by ensuring the pool is heated to your pleasure. Don’t be deterred by chilling temperatures, our innovative above ground pool solar heater systems guarantees extended swim seasons, transcending summer’s limitations.

SunSmile is designed to extend your family’s pool season for up to 4 additional months a year. Do not let seasonal changes limit your pool time. 

What parts connect to the above ground pool solar heater?

  1.    Above Ground Pool Outlet
  2.    Pool Filter and Pump 
  3.    Inlet Tube 
  4.    SunSmile Collector
  5.    SunSmile Entry Point 
  6.    SunSmile Exit Point 
  7.    Flexible Hose, supplied with the system 
  8.    Pool Entry Point

Once all the parts are connected, the above ground pool solar heater collector will absorb the sun and heat your above ground pool to your desired pool temperature. 

Above Ground and Powerful

Our SunSmile collectors are constructed to provide the desired warmth for your above ground pool. Designed to easily attach to all pool shapes and sizes it simply soaks up the sun and warms pool water super efficiently.

SunSmile will exemplify the joy to your background and allow your family to enjoy your above ground pool oasis. 

Durable, Efficient, and backed up by a 2-year Manufacture Warranty

Durable, Efficient, and backed up by a 2-year Manufacture Warranty

Little to No Maintenance

Environmental Friendly

Environmental Friendly

Extended Swimming Season

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