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Solar Showcase at the Southwest Pool and Spa Show in Texas!

Showcasing the Global Industry-Leading Products in Solar Pool Heating in Booth #932

On February 15-17, we are proud to be among the many showcase exhibitors at the Southwest Pool and Spa Show in San Antonio. Being able to introduce us, a polypropylene engineering and manufacturing company creating industry-leading solar thermal product lines, is the essential bridge to revolutionize the pool industry offering the optimal pool heating choice: a solar pool heater. 

Solar pool heater offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative, ensuring energy efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Our presence at the show underscores our dedication to driving the adoption of solar heating solutions, showcasing cutting-edge technology that promises to elevate the pool and spa experience.

In our booth, we will be showcasing our newest ultimate solar controller product, The SPHERE Pro. The SPHERE Pro is a self-contained interconnection and device for your solar pool heating system, optimizing pool heating with an all-in-one interconnection and control system. 

Join us at our exhibit to explore how our products seamlessly integrate with pool installations, providing a green and efficient heating solution. Let’s together pave the way for a future where solar pool heaters becomes the norm, and pool owners can enjoy the perfect swim in an environmentally conscious way.
See you at the Southwest Pool and Spa Show as we dive into a sun-powered future!

Wanting to attend the show in San Antonio? Make sure you use our registration code, to attend the show for FREE!
Use registration code: V!P24# at www.swpsshow.com/registration/ 

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