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Revolutionizing Solar Installations with OpenSolar and Our Industry-Leading Solar Pool Heating Products

Time to Develop Solar Installations with OpenSolar

We are excited to announce our improved partnership of solar installations with OpenSolar, a cutting-edge solar design software platform. This collaboration is set to transform how solar installers design and propose solar thermal systems, bringing enhanced efficiency and precision in the solar industry.

Why Our Partnership with OpenSolar

OpenSolar is renowned for its intuitive design capabilities, enabling installers to create accurate and visually compelling solar design proposals. The software uses real-world data and advanced algorithms to map out optimal placement of solar thermal collectors on roofs, considering factors such as shading percentages and the path of the sun throughout the year. This ensures maximum exposure to sunlight, enhancing the efficiency of solar thermal systems. Ensuring our trusted Authorized Dealers are equipped with the industry-leading solar design software to help homeowners get the solar luxury that they need.

Seamless Integration of Solar Installations with OpenSolar and Our Industry-Leading Products

For our solar pool heating products, integration into OpenSolar’s platform means that installers can now easily incorporate these solutions into their designs. They can visually demonstrate how our solar pool heating collectors will fit onto a client’s roof and connect seamlessly to systems like pool heat pumps, using detailed, scalable piping layouts.

Proven Success for Enhanced Performance

The effectiveness of OpenSolar’s platform is evident in its adoption rates and customer success stories. Over 10,000 solar professionals worldwide use OpenSolar, with documented increases in proposal turnaround times and sales closures by up to 30%.

Moreover, OpenSolar’s software includes a range of tools that are invaluable for today’s solar installers. Features like the detailed financial analysis help installers and clients understand the long-term benefits and savings from installing solar thermal systems. The platform also offers 3D modeling and instant shading analysis, which are crucial for maximizing the energy production by avoiding areas prone to shading.

Our Commitment and Future Outlook of Solar Installations with OpenSolar

By combining our advanced solar thermal technology with OpenSolar’s sophisticated design tools, we are providing installers with everything they need to propose and implement highly efficient solar solutions. This partnership not only streamlines the design and proposal process but also enhances the overall implementation of sustainable solar energy solutions, making green energy more accessible and practical for everyone.

Stay tuned to our updates as we continue to innovate and expand the possibilities for solar energy installations, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future. Click here to get in contact with us to learn more about our partnership.

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