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Magen US Rebrand Launch Press Release



Magen eco-Energy US, The Global Industry-Leader in Solar Pool Heating

As we are excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey as the global leader in solar pool heating solutions by taking the one global name, Magen eco-Energy US is ecstatic to host our Rebrand Launch Ceremony on Friday, January 26th. For more information, please review our Magen US Rebrand Launch Press Release below. 

UMA Solar Rebrand Launch to Magen eco-Energy US

Having the Global Presence of the Industry-Leading Manufacturer in Solar Pool Heating

Altamonte Springs, Fla.: On January 26, 2024, Magen eco-Energy US will be hosting its Rebrand Press Event to commemorate the direction of becoming one global name with its parent company, Magen eco-Energy. Global CEO and Chairman of the Board, Michael Sessler and Dov Offer, will be attending from Israel to provide face-to-face communication about the direction of the company to our stakeholders.

The Rebrand Press Conference is on Friday, January 26 at 10:00 a.m. EST at 950 Sunshine Lane in Altamonte Springs, Florida open to journalists and solar advocates.

Magen eco-Energy US, formerly known as UMA Solar, is a preeminent manufacturer of solar-powered pool heating systems, widely recognized for its global leadership in the industry. The company’s strategic focus on global expansion has led to its current rebranding initiative, which involved reverting to its original name.

Magen eco-Energy US President Jill Murphy said, “This change is more than just a rebrand; it represents a return to our origins and a renewed focus on our core mission – providing you with the most advanced and environmentally responsible solar pool heating technology. By aligning our name with our factory name and parent company, we are reinforcing our connection to the expertise and excellence that has made us the industry leader. “

Authorized Dealers around the country are invited to attend, as well as the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association Executive Member, Altamonte Springs City Elected Officials and State Representatives Anna V. Eskamani and David Smith.

The Rebrand Press Event is proudly sponsored by Advance Solar and Spa, All Solar Energy Inc., Aztec Solar, Bill Flanders Solar, Clear View Pool Services, Elm Distribution, Green City Solar, Mid-State Solar, Mohr Power Solar, Regor Energy, Solar Pool Supply, Sunrise Solar Pool Heating, Sunshine Solar Technologies, The Big Dealer Solar Inc. and The 1 Solargal and Freedom Solar Energy Inc.

To learn more about our rebrand, please visit https://mageneco.com/us/blog-us/introducing-the-one-global-magen-name/ to read our Magen eco-Energy US President’s statement.

About Magen eco-Energy US: Formerly, UMA Solar has been the U.S. subsidiary of Magen eco-Energy IL since 1977 providing solar pool heating solutions to the U.S. and Caribbean markets, continuously infiltrating new state markets. Magen eco-Energy US is the global industry-leading manufacturer of solar pool heating producing Pool and Spa News’ Top 50 Pool Product, Heliocol, as well as with new advancements such as the SPHERE and SPHERE Pro.

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