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Best Places for Solar Energy

Solar panels can be beneficial in any city with a decent amount of sunshine. However, some places are better than others due to higher solar exposure, better tax incentives, and supportive policies. This makes certain locations ideal for installing solar panels, especially for solar pool heating and solar thermal applications. Here’s a list of the best places in the US for solar energy, helping you decide if installing solar panels is right for your home or office space.

The list of the Best Places for Solar Energy


Hawaii, particularly Honolulu, is one of the best places for solar energy due to its abundant sunshine, averaging 271 days of bright sunshine per year. This makes it an excellent spot for both solar panels and solar thermal systems, maximizing energy production and efficiency for pool heating.


Known as the Sunshine State, Florida is ideal for solar energy. Its sunny weather and favorable net metering policies make it a prime location for solar panels and solar pool heating systems. With declining costs for installation and maintenance, Florida continues to lead in solar energy adoption.


California remains a top choice for solar energy. With its sunny weather, solar panels here produce high energy output year-round. The state also offers significant incentives and rebates, making it a great place for both solar PV and solar thermal systems. Southern California, in particular, benefits from a high number of sunny days, perfect for solar pool heating.


Texas, known for its vast open spaces and sunny climate, is an excellent state for solar energy. Recent trends show a significant increase in solar thermal applications, including solar pool heating. Texas offers strong incentives and rebates, making it a favorable environment for solar installations. The state’s extensive solar resources and supportive policies contribute to its growing reputation as a solar energy leader.

North Carolina

North Carolina is emerging as a solar power leader, thanks to ample sunshine and favorable financing options. The state is in the top ten for solar jobs and offers various incentives for solar installations, making it an attractive place for solar thermal systems.

New Jersey

New Jersey may not be the first place that comes to mind for solar energy, but it offers robust incentives and a strong market for solar power. Residents can earn money from solar energy output, thanks to state incentives and net metering policies, making it a great state for both solar panels and solar thermal applications.


Nevada, with its desert climate, has abundant sunshine, making it perfect for solar energy. Despite some regulatory challenges, Nevada boasts the highest solar capacity per capita in the US, making it a great location for both solar PV and solar thermal installations.

Honorable mentions of Best locations for Solar Panels

  • Arizona: With its vast desert areas, Arizona offers abundant sunshine, perfect for solar panels and solar thermal systems.
  • Georgia: Georgia has seen significant growth in solar energy adoption, supported by state incentives and favorable policies.
  • Massachusetts: Massachusetts provides strong incentives and rebates, making it a viable state for solar energy despite its northern location.
  • Colorado: While often associated with snow, Colorado receives plenty of sunshine and offers excellent tax incentives and net metering laws. This makes it an ideal state for solar panels and solar thermal systems, including pool heating.

Best Places that Focus on Solar Pool Heating/Solar Thermal Market

Solar thermal systems, especially solar pool heating, have gained popularity in these states due to their efficiency and cost savings. Solar pool heating systems can extend your swimming season and significantly reduce energy costs associated with traditional heating methods. States like Florida, California, and Texas are particularly suitable for solar pool heating due to their high number of sunny days and supportive policies.

Whether you live in one of these states or elsewhere, solar panels and solar thermal systems can offer significant benefits, including reduced energy costs, environmental impact, and increased property value. With the latest incentives and declining costs, now is a great time to consider investing in solar energy.

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